Approach, Values and Policies

WTI challenges poverty and inequality by expanding access to and improving the quality of education and training, and by inspiring and supporting leadership for social justice. Our priority is communities affected by conflict, neglect or discrimination, with a particular emphasis on refugees.

Our Approach

Windle Trust International believes that every child is entitled to a high quality education that will not only extend knowledge and understanding but also inspire independent thought, critical analysis, a sense of responsibility and a commitment to the common good.

High quality education in turn depends on high quality teaching and our approach is to work with all stakeholders to achieve the best practicable educational outcomes. These stakeholders include teachers and head teachers as well as neighbouring communities; teacher training organisations and governments using methods and technologies that are most appropriate to circumstance and context.  With the benefit of a high quality education, young girls and boys can become active citizens, role models and, in time, leaders in their community.

We invest in higher education and training through scholarship programmes at universities and colleges in Africa and the UK to develop the knowledge and skills needed by young professionals to positively contribute to development of their communities and countries. Through this investment we aim to build their potential as future leaders in their field of expertise and to be positive role models in their communities.

We are strengthening professional skills and education systems through teacher training and promoting access to and improving the quality of education through English language Training programmes.

Two students who attend the ECSS Timbiro Secondary School in Yambio

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think - Margaret Mead

Our Values

In the work of the Trust we aim to reflect the values which guided Hugh Pilkington in his efforts to assist those in need. We encourage our alumni to pursue the same values in their service to their communities. These values include:

  • The  importance of education, knowledge and freedom of thought

  • Respect: for the diversity of communities and individuals with whom we work irrespective of gender, ethnicity, disability, religion or legal status

  • Equity and Sustainability: both in the programmes we implement or support and in our employment policies and practices.

  • Honesty and Integrity: in all our relationships with beneficiaries, communities, donors and supporters and in our management systems.

  • Impartiality: in conflict situations, we take no sides but focus on enabling communities and individuals to exercise the basic human right of education

  • High quality: we have a long history of striving to provide and support high quality education and are keen to collaborate with those who seek the same.

A woman studies

Putting our Values into Practice

The values that guide our work include honesty and integrity. With this in mind we believe it is right that we should publish the key policies which frame what we do and how we do it. These policies apply not only to all staff of Windle Trust International, but also to volunteers, trustees, consultants and visitors. They apply to all the countries where WTI works.

WTI trustees review our policies regularly to ensure that they continue to be as clear and comprehensive as we can make them. We aspire to be a learning organisation, so if we find that some of our policies are inadequate, have loopholes or inconsistencies, we will move quickly to strengthen our policy framework. When the context in which we work changes, or when the regulatory framework changes, we will examine our policies to ensure that they are as good as we can make them.

The Fraud Pledge

Fraud is an ever-evolving and increasing criminal threat to society. No organisation – charitable or otherwise – can make itself completely immune to fraud but it can take steps to minimise the risks. Windle Trust International is committed to doing precisely that, which is why we have signed the Fraud Pledge. By taking the pledge we are showing that we work actively to prevent fraud, wherever it might occur in our organisation. We are now entitled to use the Fraud Pledge badge on our website, newsletters and printed materials. It will help us build trust among donors, funders and beneficiaries by providing us with a visible demonstration that we take the protection of our assets very seriously.

The Fraud Pledge - Windle Trust International