Conflict at the Student Conference

Three students discuss conflict resolution

Every year we organise a week-end event which brings together all the UK Masters students to get to know each other and reflect upon their future roles. This year the focus was on conflict management. This theme has a direct relevance to our students since many of them have been, or still are, refugees and all of them are from communities that have been directly affected by war and violent conflict. 

Discussions highlighted how participants saw conflict not just in terms of war or fighting between competing political groups, but also in terms of relations within families, within or between villages, and between different communities such as agriculturalists and pastoralists.

Expertly facilitated by Scott Jones of Mind The Gap, the workshop drew on participants’ direct experiences as well as on tools of analysis derived from a wide range of other countries.

This focus reflects the importance of conflict in our work. As an organisation with a specific emphasis on education for people and communities affected by conflict, the conference was designed to create an atmosphere of openness and trust in which participants could talk about their own experiences or the impact of conflict on their lives.

As well as the workshop, students enjoyed a trip to a bowling alley and an evening of entertainment. The highlight as always was the quiz, this year won by Team X!

The conference was wonderful, especially for me (as someone) with a science background who has never had any training in conflict resolution and management