Developing English Language Teaching Materials

Since May 2017, WTI staff and consultants working with us have been working hard to develop and trial a wide range of teaching materials in the English language for primary school teachers in South Sudan.

The background to this major project was the decision, in 2011, of the newly independent government to adopt English as the language of instruction in primary schools for pupils in Primary 4 (average 10 years old) and above. As most primary school teachers were not proficient in English to the appropriate level to teach the curriculum, the new policy requires the preparation of relevant and contextualised teaching materials. 

Overall, the task for WTI has meant

  • Training a national team of assessors to develop linguistic assessment materials and assessing existing levels of English language proficiency amongst primary school teachers
  • Creating a core team drawn from existing teachers, ministry officials and English Language specialists to work together to create a set of teaching training materials for teachers teaching English as a subject (Primary 1 to 3) as well as those  transiting from English as a subject  into English as the language of instruction.  The teacher training materials are aligned to the new South Sudan English curriculum.  A minimum of 250 hours of teacher training materials have been developed.
  • Trialling the teacher training materials at four venues to include both in-service and pre-service teachers and amending the materials post trialling so as to ensure that they are accurate and accessible
  • Introducing teaching methods that are more inter-active and varied in contrast to the standard ‘chalk and talk’ methods that are currently the dominant method in South Sudan’s primary schools.