Diploma in Primary Education Scholarships

Windle Trust International has received funding to provide Primary Teacher Training scholarships for South Sudanese nationals and registered refugees in South Sudan. Applications are invited from qualified female candidates to apply to study a Diploma in Primary Education, full-time, at St Mary’s University College, Juba.

WTI is pleased to announce the launch of a new scholarship programme to study for a Diploma in Primary Education in South Sudan.

Literacy levels in South Sudan are stagnant at 27%, and the gender imbalance in school enrolment remains large. Of 30,000 primary school teachers, only 38% are qualified, with most being secondary school leavers or drop-outs with no training or qualification. Moreover, only 15% of primary teachers are female, depriving girls of positive role models and reinforcing the impression and cultural norm that education is really for boys. WTI’s Primary Teacher Training scholarships will provide for female candidates to participate in a 2-year teacher training programme to increase the number of female teachers in South Sudan, provide female role models for South Sudanese girls, and support the enrolment and retention of girls into South Sudan’s education system. Notably, in countries where there are more or less equal numbers of male and female primary teachers, there is close to gender parity in student intake. In contrast, where women constitute only a small minority of the teaching force, there are far more boys than girls entering school.

Eligibility Criteria

Academic ability: Candidates should hold a minimum of a “Good” South Sudan Secondary School Certificate or equivalent.

Gender: Candidates must be female. This is a female specific scholarship.

Origin and location: Candidates must be South Sudanese or refugees living in South Sudan.

Giving back: Candidates must be able to show a demonstrated commitment to work as teachers in their communities.

College admission: Candidates should have already achieved admission at either St. Mary’s College in Juba.

Age: Applicants must be below 40 years of age at the start of their proposed study period.

Eligibility of staff: Employees of WTI, are not eligible for this scholarship

Application forms can be downloaded here or collected for free from the Windle Trust International office at Hai Cinema Compound, Juba. Completed applications must be submitted to the WTI Juba office by the 18th November 2021, 5pm local time.