A look back on 2016- 17

As UK Programme Scholarship students from the 2016-17 begin returning home, we look back on their year in the UK


As students from the 2016-17 academic year begin returning home, we look back on this year of the UK Scholarship Programme. 

In January, the UK Programme scholars came together for our annual WTI conference at Charney Manor in Oxfordshire for a weekend of leadership development training and a chance to try out their bowling skills. Our July workshop gave students the opportunity to reflect on their future employment and job-hunting skills in a career-development workshop. After a boat trip along the Thames, students joined the WTI staff in a farewell meal. This year has seen some incredible achievements from our students, including a prize-winning poster at a Swansea University competition, fundraising for SARCOMA UK by lapping the entire London tube, participation in an IATEFL Conference, and a specialist training rotation at Yale University.

With many thanks this year to our facilitators: Sebabatso Maneoli, Lorna Froud, and to Rachel Lane.