A new teacher training scholarship programme for young women

A new teacher training scholarship programme for young women

South Sudan faces many challenges if it is to increase access to education and improve the learning that takes place in schools and colleges. One of those challenges is to increase the number of trained teachers – and that is one of our priorities for the next five years.

In taking forward this work, we will develop a strategy that is inclusive and comprehensive.  We will address both urgent needs and those that will require a sustained and long-term commitment. We will work to improve the quality and skills of existing teachers at the same time as we tackle the problem of a lack of teachers by investing in teacher training for new teachers.

A major new initiative – a new teacher training scholarship programme for young women - seeks to tackle two related problems.

First, it will increase the number of teachers who have a recognised teaching qualification and second it is targeted specifically at young women with the intention of redressing the chronic imbalance in the composition of the teacher workforce.

The scholarship programme will support young women on either diploma-based secondary school teaching courses or certificates for primary level teaching. In this way, we can support applicants from all parts of South Sudan and those with different kinds of secondary school leaving qualifications.