New World Food Programme Country Director

WTI alumni appointed New Country Director for World Food Programme in Ghana

Rukia Yacoub

The new Representative and Country Director of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) for Ghana, Ms Rukia Yacoub has assumed office.  

She brings to her post, a wealth of experience in implementing, managing and coordinating humanitarian and development programmes, both in least developed and lower-middle income countries.

She worked as WFP Deputy Country Director in Yemen from 2014-2014, serving in similar capacity in Egypt from 2009-2014. During a five-month period in Yemen, she acted as Country Director managing a large emergency operation which provided life-saving food assistance to over six million people.

In a release issued by the WFP country office in Accra said Ms Yacoub had worked in Rwanda, South Sudan, Italy and Switzerland. Her development work in Egypt, a lower middle-income country, is particularly relevant to Ghana at this stage of the country's development.

As Country Director, she aims to focus on developing WFP Enhanced Nutrition and Value Chains (ENVAC) project , a cutting-edge model programme that links nutrition, agriculture and food-processing, and will assist  almost half a million people over five years. She intends to expand WFP's ‘Take-Home Ration Programme’ which offers an incentive for adolescent girls in food-insecure areas to complete Junior High School (JHS). Apart from Take-Home Rations Programme helping girls to break away from hunger and poverty, it also contributes to the fight against gender inequality.

Ms. Yacoub is a Windle Trust International UK Programme alumni who was supported on an MSc in Human Nutrition from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

by Samuel Duodu