Primary Level English Language Policy Framework approved

We are delighted that the Government of South Sudan, Ministry of Education Science and Technology has approved a new English language policy framework and implementation developed by Windle Trust International for use in training primary school teachers to enhance their English language skills. The policy was a direct response to the decision by the government following Independence that the language of instruction in primary level 4 and above would become English.   The long-term goal of the English Language Policy is to improve the teaching and learning in English in South Sudan’s primary schools. In a context in which very many primary school teachers are untrained and unqualified, recent research has confirmed that the lack of an appropriate level of English language proficiency among teachers has an impact on children’s learning. It is essential that trainee teachers are brought up to the appropriate level of English to get the most from their training and to have sufficient proficiency to do a good job as primary teachers.

The policy framework was the product of ten months of intensive work with teachers, education officials and language specialists. With a shared determination to make progress, excellent collaboration between the different parties and financial support of Unicef, we are delighted that the policy framework was adopted so swiftly.