South Sudan English Language Teachers Association Launched

It is less than ten years since the government of South Sudan announced that the language of instruction in upper primary schools and in secondary schools would be changed from Arabic to English.

Since then WTI has been at the forefront of a wide range of initiatives to improve the teaching of English in primary and secondary schools.  That work continues, but in 2019 we crossed a critical threshold.  There is now a strong and expanding group of teachers who see themselves as professional English teachers.

They have formed a new and independent association of teachers, the South Sudan English Language Teachers Association.  Their hope is that the association will enable them to share ideas and teaching materials; to help each other and to learn from the experiences of teachers in neighbouring countries which have a longer track record of using English as the medium of instruction.

The inspiration for the idea came from a Masters student at Warwick University, who was sponsored by the A.S. Hornby Trust.  The Trust has supported the teaching of the English Language for decades, including supporting similar English Language Teachers Associations in various countries around the world.

WTI looks forward to continuing to work with SSELTA in the future.