Welcome to our 2016-2017 Scholars

The academic year begins for our students

Windle Trust International 2016/17 Scholars

This Autumn we are delighted to welcome the new Windle Trust International scholars to the UK for the 2016-2017 academic year. This year we have 20 students.

The arriving students join us from South Sudan and Uganda, and are studying at 10 different universities in the UK. 2016 sees new student placements at Bangor University in Wales, which has welcomed five WTI scholars for this upcoming academic year. We also have a new scholarship at the University of Reading, University of Warwick and an additional scholarship at University College London. We are also grateful to Goodenough College and International Student House in London that generously provided us with an accommodation scholarship at each this year that together with our University partnerships makes supporting students in London possible. 

The majority of the students visited our UK Programme office in Oxford for orientation sessions about life in the UK- first priority was hats and scarves and hot water bottles! In our orientation sessions, we invite the students to anticipate some of the challenges that lie ahead for them at this stage in their careers. This includes coping with culture shock and advice on how to manage their academic workload over the coming months.

Our current scholars are studying a diverse range of subjects- including Criminal Law, Food Security, Musculoskeletal Science and Agroforestry. They are now undertaking their studies in their respective cities at our partner universities, and we wish them the best of luck in their studies!