Windle Trust Scholars meet Duchess of Sussex

Two Windle Trust Scholars, Ephraim Kisangala and Emmanuel Jessie Ariko, discussed their work with HRH Duchess of Sussex. Ephraim describes his experience. 

Ephraim Kisangala meets HRH Duchess of Sussex

Speaking about his experience discussing his work with HRH Duchess of Sussex, Ephraim said:

"There are dreams we have when we are young children, especially about the kind of future we want and the types of people we would love to meet. However, there are realities to which we just wake up and only start to understand the impact when we read in the newspapers, watch ourselves on TV and receive many unexpected calls. This is exactly what happened when I got the rare lifetime opportunity to meet Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Never in my life did I ever imagine I would meet anyone from the Royal Family in the UK, let alone share similar views on topics that affect people in the developing countries. I am a Masters student on the MSc Public Health and Health Promotion at the University of Bangor, and my scholarship is supported by Windle Trust International, and the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. I was invited to present my work during the Association of Commonwealth Universities event in London.

I created a presentation about menstrual hygiene management in refugee settlements in Uganda.  This is a subject that I have focused on during my career as a medical doctor. It was the importance of this project that I discussed with the Duchess of Sussex. During my interaction with the Duchess, she was very attentive and empathetic. She is well read and widely knowledgeable on many things happening in the world. For example, I was amazed when she told me about how progressive Uganda’s refugee policy is. We agreed that menstruation needs to be part of the basic things that are provided if female refugees who are the majority, are to live with dignity.  As one speaks to her, you cannot fail to appreciate the humility and her passion for having a healthy life for even the most underprivileged.

Such moments are indeed golden and I would never trade it for anything else except another moment with her to discuss how best to make the world a happier place for everyone including the poor and people affected by conflicts. This experience doesn’t happen every day, and as my uncle in Uganda put it, “How did it happen that you were selected?” But it is due to the Ugandan doctors’ fraternity, patients I have interacted with and the friends with whom we conduct rural outreaches in Uganda that I chose an important topic that moved the heart of the Duchess of Sussex."

by Ephraim Kisangala


Ephraim is a Fully-Funded Commonwealth Scholar at the University of Bangor studying for his MSc in Public Health and Health Promotion. He is a qualified medical doctor who graduated from Kampala International University with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. Ephraim was appointed to become a member of the National Menstrual Hygiene Management Committee of Uganda, and he is a Young Leader Advocate for the ‘Women Deliver’ Programme. Ephraim is currently the chairman of the Windle Trust Student Association (WiTSA).