WTI expansion in the Sudan: New field office in Damazine, Blue Nile State

Windle Trust International (WTI) is committed to providing education to conflicted affected or marginalised people in the Sudan including host communities, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), refugees and asylum seekers.

WTI's new office in Damzine, Sudan

To be able to reach communities most in need, the Trustees of WTI recently approved the opening of our first field office in Damazin, Blue Nile State, Sudan. Before establishing the field office, WTI’s Sudan based staff conducted three needs assessment in the region, especially focusing on education provision. With these assessments WTI is well placed to intervene in various education service provision in the region including primary, secondary and higher education for the host community, IDPs and refugees. WTI is in discussions with major players in the education sector in the region including the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) at both the federal and State level, the State Ministry of Education, UNICEF, UNHCR, the Blue Nile University and other partners.