WTI launches a new report on Secondary Education in South Sudan

Secondary Education in South Sudan:
A Neglected Priority

Secondary Education in South Sudan: A Neglected Priority

South Sudan has the lowest secondary enrolment rates in the world – just 5% of young people go on to join secondary schools. A staggering 95% never get the chance to complete their basic education.   Even worse, 5% is an average – for girls and in some states the percentage will be less than half that figure. It is WTI’s view that unless there is a concerted and sustained programme of collective action, there is no likelihood of significant positive change in the next five years.

In addition to dreadfully low access to secondary education, teacher training and professional development is in need of urgent, sustained and imaginative support. There is no specific secondary school teacher training course in the country and such teacher training as happens tends to be short-term, piecemeal and not formally accredited.

One reason why so few students go on to secondary school is that there are simply not enough schools. More than 25% of counties do not have a secondary school and attending a distant school is too risky in a society that has been racked by conflict.

We’ll be launching at the General Education Annual Review Conference in Juba – where we hope it will shine a spotlight on the need for much more investment in the secondary sector and spark a debate on how the various stakeholders can work together effectively to tackle one of the most acute educational challenges in the world.