Nuba Mountains Undergraduate Scholarships in South Sudan

Windle Trust International, in partnership with NRRDO and KODI, currently offers undergraduate scholarships for refugee women from the Nuba Mountains to study at the Catholic University of South Sudan. The scholarships aim to overcome barriers to female participation in tertiary education for those from the Nuba Mountains region and are therefore open to female applicants only.

A Nuba Mountains Undergraduate Scholarship includes:

  • Fully funded academic tuition fees
  • A modest maintenance stipend for the period of study

Selection for all WTI supported scholarships is based on the following priorities:

  • Giving back: Scholarship recipients are expected to put what they learn into practice in the future for the benefit of their communities, regions and to the broader Windle community. A previous track record of community involvement will be considered favourably.
  • Student status: A scholarship recipient should be a refugee, internally displaced, marginalised, needy, or otherwise affected by conflict.
  • Financial need: A scholarship recipient should demonstrate genuine financial need and should be unable to meet the costs of study independently.
  • Gender: We will give priority to girls and young women. We strive to bridge gender disparity in communities, schools, and employment sectors by offering scholarship opportunities to empower women. (Note that the Nuba Mountains Undergraduate Scholarships are open to female applicants only.
  • Origin and coverage: Candidates should be resident in the regions of Africa in which we work. In practice this means that candidates should be resident in specific areas of Kenya or Uganda, or throughout the entireties of Sudan and South Sudan. (For the Nuba Mountains Undergraduate Scholarship Programme specifically, candidates must be from the Nuba Mountains region.)


In addition, for the Nuba Mountains Undergraduate Scholarships, candidates who would be the first female in their family to attend university or who have overcome family opposition to attend tertiary education are particularly welcomed.

All candidates must meet the full eligibility criteria in order to be put forward for consideration.

The Selection and Placement Process

Applications are currently closed and we are not accepting new applicants at this time. However, when the next selection round opens, the general Nuba Mountains Undergraduate Scholarships selection and placement process is as follow:

  • Scholarships are promoted and advertised through our offices in South Sudan.
  • Applications are checked and assessed against basic eligibility criteria in the country of application. Applications and supporting documents of candidates meeting the eligibility criteria are short-listed for interview by in-country teams. This includes already holding an admission letter from the Catholic University of South Sudan. Note that meeting the eligibility criteria in no way guarantees a scholarship or short-listing for interview.
  • Short-listed candidates are interviewed in South Sudan.
  • Candidates are then selected for placement based on:
    • Performance at interview
    • Language proficiency
    • Willingness to give back to the Nuba Mountains region
    • Student background and need

Important Information for Applicants

The following policy documents are important for all potential applicants:

The WTI Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy

The WTI Complaints Policy

The WTI Privacy Policy

The WTI Safeguarding Policy