Windle News on South Sudan

Windle has been working in South Sudan since 2005.

WTI's David Masua Speaks at UNHCR Conference in Kosti

WTI’s Executive Director David Masua was a keynote speaker at the conference. He highlighted the role of WTI and other members of Windle International in the provision of higher education for refugees in the last 40 years and informed the participants about the role played in the provision of education in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan and most recently in Somalia. Windle has had many years of partnership with UNHCR, especially through the DAFI higher education scholarship programme, and has offered thousands of scholarships to refugees.

"We, children of South Sudan need attention; thousands of children are enrolled in armed forced and armed groups, 2.8 million are out of school, half of all girls are married before the age of 18,” partly read a petition issued by the children.

The children urged the government, humanitarian organizations, community leaders and parents “to respect us as children instead of abusing us as workers, soldiers, street children and wives...teachers never to use violence against children as schools should be a safe place for children.”

As education leaders and politicians alike think about how to the tackle the challenges to school systems that have been brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, it should not be forgotten that this is not the only reason that young people have missed out on school. We also need to consider those who are unable to completely return to school or forced to drop out for reasons such as early and unwanted pregnancies, forced marriages, conflict, or poverty. As we all think about Building Back Better, we can’t do so by leaving some children or young adults behind.

Warm up session before going to primary school in Thoanom, South Sudan

With the announcement to re-open schools, UNICEF has partnered with WTI to implement a “Community Education Resilience” programme in urban areas of three States of Central Equatoria, Eastern Equatoria and Western Equatoria in South Sudan. The support includes Back To Learning Campaign to mobilise the community and children to return to school, training of teachers, training of Parent Teachers Associations (PTA), provision of in-kind school supplies and support for peacebuilding, child-protection and life skills through peace clubs in schools.

Windle Trust International - A student arrives riding a bicycle to attend the morning session at the ECSS Timbiro Secondary School in Yambio, Western Equatoria, South Sudan

In a constantly changing situation, Windle Trust International is adapting operations to meet the challenge of continuing to provide essential services to ensure that those affected by conflict and marginalisation can continue to access quality education whilst also maintaining the health and wellbeing of all staff and beneficiaries as of paramount importance. ​


What is Windle Trust International doing in South Sudan?

Girls attending classes in Panrieng A Primary School

The war that broke out in December 2013 has meant that the 2015 academic year has been a difficult one for school children all over South Sudan. The consequence has been catastrophic for the nation’s sense of unity, its economy and its external reputation. But what is really encouraging is that – despite fear, violence and displacement – girls’ attendance at school has not significantly declined.