Windle News on Teacher Training

Participants of the 7-week training course for South Sudan Primary Level English Language teachers take part of an activity at the Multi Service Training Centre in Juba, South Sudan. The course focussed on developing teaching resources for primary school teachers that reflect the national curriculum and  context.

South Sudan is the world’s newest country, but it has inherited an education system that is in desperate need of renewal and reform. One aspect of that process of renewal is the adoption of English as the language of instruction for all subjects from grade 4 at primary school.  Teachers need good linguistic abilities to understand and deliver the curriculum – but many primary school teachers are untrained or poorly trained and have limited proficiency in English.

Two secondary school teachers acting in a role play on the relationship between a headteacher and a member of staff.

South Sudan has a very small secondary sector, with less than 250 secondary schools and approximately 3,000 teachers. While governments and donors have focused their attention on increasing access to primary schooling in recent years, the secondary sector has  been neglected. In particular, secondary school teachers have had few opportunities for training or continuous professional development, leading to doubts about the quality of secondary education.