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Education has an unparalleled ability to open doors, create opportunities and change the way we think.  At Windle, education is our passion - from primary schools in remote villages to universities with a global reputation for excellence.

"Education is a human right with immense power to transform.” Kofi Annan


Through sponsoring refugees and others affected by conflict in Africa at secondary, vocational and tertiary level, the Trust is developing the technical expertise and professional skills to strengthen institutions, diminish gender-based inequalities and reduce the risks of social division.

Latest News

Three students discuss conflict resolution

Every year we organise a week-end event which brings together all the UK Masters students to get to know each other and reflect upon their future roles. This year the focus was on conflict management. This theme has a direct relevance to our students since many of them have been, or still are, refugees and all of them are from communities that have been directly affected by war and violent conflict. 

Den Den Hoc Yai addresses the launch

In November 2015, the first Windle Alumni Association was launched in Juba, South Sudan. The event brought together nearly 60 students who had benefitted from a Windle scholarship.

Girls attending classes in Panrieng A Primary School

The war that broke out in December 2013 has meant that the 2015 academic year has been a difficult one for school children all over South Sudan. The consequence has been catastrophic for the nation’s sense of unity, its economy and its external reputation. But what is really encouraging is that – despite fear, violence and displacement – girls’ attendance at school has not significantly declined.