Working Together

Transforming the life chances of young people by providing them with opportunities for high quality education is a task that benefits from long-term partnerships and collaboration. Windle Trust International makes a contribution to that transformation, but we depend to a great extent on the support and generosity of others.

Our partnerships are of two kinds: educational institutions and other donors and funding partners.

In the Postgraduate Scholarships Programme, we work very closely with universities in the UK which, despite facing funding pressures themselves, support Windle scholars by awarding either a full or partial scholarships often in conjunction with the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship scheme. We are also proud to be a nominating partner for fully funded scholarships through the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.  These awards make an enormous difference to the cost-effectiveness of the programme, as well as providing an opportunity to students to benefit from outstanding educational facilities and resources. In addition to the universities that currently support opportunities for UK postgraduate study we are also developing similar partnerships with Universities in Sudan for the undergraduate scholarships programme such as Ahfad University for Women

The second category of partners is those organisations that support us financially. Historically, we have benefitted from the continuous support of the Hugh Pilkington Charitable Trust with which we have a close working relationship. In addition, we have been fortunate to receive funding in recent years from a range of organisations for our work in the UK, Sudan and South Sudan. Read more about our funding partners below.

UK Universities 2018-19

Windle Trust International works closely with eligible students and Universities to place our candidates on the most suitable courses and scholarships for them. For all of our university scholarship partnerships our eligible students are required to obtain unconditional admission on relevant courses before being nominated and selected by Windle Trust International and its partners.

University of Bangor

We are very pleased to have a new scholarship arrangement with the University of Bangor for five scholarships this year in a range of subjects related to environmental management and conservation, criminal law and international human rights and public health. These are eligible courses through the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme. Eligible applicants are nominated by Windle Trust International with the final awardees being selected by the University.

Read More about University of Bangor.

University of Bath

Since 2006 we are very pleased to have had a scholarship partnership with the University of Bath. Currently, the eligible course under this scholarship scheme is the MSc International Development through the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme. Eligible applicants are nominated by Windle Trust International with the final awardee being selected by the University.

Read More about University of Bath.

University of Liverpool

The current scholarship arrangement we have with the University of Liverpool was established in 2007. This was originally a joint venture between Windle Trust International and the University to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the abolition of Slave Trade in the UK. Each year there are up to two scholarship awards for any postgraduate taught master’s course in Liverpool of the nominated applicant’s choice. Windle Trust International, in close collaboration with the International Recruitment, Relations and Study Abroad office decides which candidates the scholarships are awarded to.

Read More about University of Liverpool.

Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University, particularly the Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP) of the School of Architecture, has been supporter and partner for over 20 years. We have been able to place at least one of our scholars every year at CENDEP to study its most popular MA Development and Emergency Practice course (DEP) since the late 1990s. Currently, there are two scholarships each year (at least one on the DEP course) for which Windle nominates and selects candidates for the awards. The second scholarship, subject to funding, is for any other postgraduate taught master’s degree. In recent years the MA Public Health course at the School of Health and Life Sciences has also been a popular choice for our pool of candidates.

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University College London (UCL)

Our current partnership with the Institute of Education-UCL started in 2007. The scholarship is open to any taught master’s course offered at the Institute. Windle selects and places the candidate to be awarded the scholarship.  We are also very pleased to have had a second scholarship for another taught postgraduate master’s course at the University for this academic year. These scholarships would not be possible without complementary accommodation scholarships in London at Goodenough College  for our scholar studying at the Institute of Education and at International Student House for our other UCL scholar.

Read More about University College London (UCL).

University of Warwick

We have a new scholarship partnership for this year to jointly support a student to study MA English Language Teaching  in the Faculty of Social Science. In collaboration with the faculty we agree who of the eligible applicants is to be awarded a scholarship. This is also underpinned by our broader strategy to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the countries in which we work and specifically our work to improve English Language Training, particularly in South Sudan.

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University of Westminster

Our partnership with the University of Westminster started in 2014. Windle Trust International nominates a shortlist of two to three suitable candidates for each of the two available scholarships for any taught master’s degree. The University’s Scholarships Committee then makes the final selection of the two candidates to receive the awards. As accommodation has been provided either through the University or International Students House (ISH) for the duration of their courses in addition to the University covering fees, it has meant we have been able to support more scholarships in London since the scheme started. In spite of its short history, it is a valuable partnership and we look forward to strengthening this going into the future.

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We have had scholarship partnerships with the universities below in previous years or our scholars have studied at these institutions through other funding arrangements.

Other Funding partners

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