What We Do

Group of girls during a lesson, Thoanom, South Sudan

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world - Nelson Mandela

We want children and young people in Africa to have access to a good quality education so that they are better able to contribute to the creation of a peaceful, tolerant and socially just society.

We believe that every child has the right to high quality education.  We are committed to making that a reality in the countries where we work.  But too often education is neither high quality, nor accessible as a right.

Conflict denies access to education; school fees and other costs for primary and secondary education mean that those who live in chronic poverty may be denied the right even to basic education.  Discrimination denies education to millions of people on the grounds of their gender or their disability. Profound inequality leads to huge differences in access to, and the quality of, education. If education is to become a truly universal right, these obstructions to accessible and high quality education will have to be overcome.

We strive to support access to high quality education by

  • reducing educational inequalities by supporting projects designed to increase access to education for those who are most at risk of being excluded.

  • improving teacher training and development.

  • focussing on the critical issue of English language teaching, which is the medium of instruction at the higher levels of primary school and in secondary schools.

  • supporting scholarship programmes. For many years Windle has provided and managed scholarship programmes at both under-graduate and post-graduate level with a particular emphasis on scholarships for refugees and students from conflict-affected communities.

  • advocacy and influencing on issues that are relevant to our programme priorities.

Education is not just about expanding knowledge and understanding; it is also about stimulating independent thought and critical analysis. A high quality education can be truly transformative, both for individuals but also for their families and their communities.  A high quality education brings personal benefits but it is also the means by which a nation’s economy can grow, businesses can be developed and the public good advanced through active citizenship.