Undergraduate Scholarships in Sudan

DAFI Refugee students celebrating international peace day

Since the 1990s Windle Trust International has supported scholarships for refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced, marginalised and conflict-affected communities in Sudan. WTI currently manages two tertiary education scholarship programmes in Sudan:

The DAFI programme for refugees throughout the country

WTI has been UNHCR's implementing partner for the DAFI (Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative) scholarship programme, supported by the German Government, since 2005. The DAFI programme is also managed by the Windle Trusts in Kenya and Uganda. 

The Urban Refugee Tertiary Education Programme for urban refugees in Khartoum State

This programme, funded through UNHCR, aims to offer better access to educational opportunities so that young people refrain from seeking to migrate through unofficial and dangerous routes.

Both programmes are designed to increase access to higher education. This objective is achieved, primarily, through the provision of scholarships to study undergraduate courses at universities and colleges in Sudan. In addition, the programmes offer complementary activities such as:

  • Encouraging the active engagement of students through student clubs
  • Annual workshops to bring students together to address issues of concern such as improving study skills, refugee rights, and accessing relevant work experience and employment
  • Training opportunities for graduates with local NGOs and businesses
  • An English language course
  • Safeguarding training course to equip students with basic information on their rights, available protection mechanisms and complaint procedures.

An undergraduate scholarship in Sudan includes:

  • Registration and tuition fees.
  • Housing allowances.
  • Medical allowances (DAFI students only).
  • Subsistence allowances.
  • Books allowances.
  • Research allowances.
  • Graduation and certificates allowances.

Selection for all WTI supported scholarships is based on the following priorities:

Giving back: Scholarship recipients are expected to put what they learn into practice in the future for the benefit of their communities, regions and to the broader Windle community. A previous track record of community involvement will be considered favourably.
Student status: A scholarship recipient should be a refugee, internally displaced, marginalised, needy, or otherwise affected by conflict.
Financial need: A scholarship recipient should demonstrate genuine financial need and should be unable to meet the costs of study independently.
Gender: We will give priority to girls and young women. We strive to bridge gender disparity in communities, schools, and employment sectors by offering scholarship opportunities to empower women.
Origin and coverage: Candidates should be resident in the regions of Africa in which we work. In practice this means that candidates for this programme should be resident in the Sudan.

All candidates must meet the full programme eligibility criteria in order to be put forward for consideration.

The Selection and Placement Process

Applications for DAFI scholarships are now open, please contact asim@windle.org.uk for application details.

Important Information for Applicants

The following policy documents are important for all potential applicants:

The WTI Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy
The WTI Complaints Policy
The WTI Privacy Policy
The WTI Safeguarding Policy