Windle International

Windle International is the name of the umbrella organisation that brings together the independent members of the Windle family.  Currently there are three members of Windle International, Windle International KenyaWindle International Uganda and Windle Trust International. Each organisation has its own board, strategy and priorities – but we have a common history based on the work of our founder, Hugh Pilkington; have a distinctive focus on education for conflict-affected communities and work to a similar set of values and beliefs. 

Windle International Kenya operates only in Kenya where it has a long history of collaboration with UNHCR and the government of Kenya to provide education to refugees and host communities. Kenya has welcomed hundreds of thousands of refugees - particularly from neighbouring countries such as Somalia and South Sudan - for many years and operates some of the biggest refugee camps in the world.  Windle International Keyna runs all of the secondary schools in both Daadab and Kakuma camps as well as meeting special educational needs. In addition, it works closely with World University Service Canada to increase access to basic education for the pastoralist communities of Northern and Eastern Kenya, where profound educational inequalities continue to exist. WIK has pioneered the development of an innovative approach to enabling refugees to have access to tertiary education in a programme called the Borderless Higher Education Programme.

Windle International Uganda has a similar close relationship with UNHCR and provides both primary and secondary education to refugee settlements and neighbouring communities. There is a long tradition in Uganda of seeking to provide integrated public services such as health and education to refugees – and this approach fits well with Windle International Uganda’s preferred way of working. In addition, WIU operates the DAFI scholarship on behalf of UNHCR. This scholarship programme is specifically designed to make higher education available to refugees.

The Windle International secretariat office is designed to be responsive to and support  the work of its members at the same time as ensuring that all members are guided by a shared vision of increased access to high quality education, and work to common standard designed to ensure high standards of performance and accountability. There is a fine balance between high levels of subsidiarity and strong co-ordination to support effectiveness, learning and  responsive management.

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